MathematicsModularFramework is available as a NuGet package. The source code is hosted on GitHub

Release History

Version Date Description 2017-04-27 Added support for serialization of Booleans to the XmlDataSerializer class.
ModuleGraph.xsd file moved into the MathematicsModularFramework.Serialization assembly file. No longer required to distribute this file with client code/projects.
ModuleGraphProcessor now implements IDisposable. Client code must be updated to wrap use of the class in a 'using' statement.
Added CancelProcessing() functionality to the ModuleGraphProcessor class. Added CancellationToken member to the ModuleBase class.
Updated the version of NMock2.dll in \Referenced Libraries folder to 2.1 (file version 2.0.50727). 2016-10-07 Small correction to NuGet package. No changes to code other than XML comment added to Serialization.ModuleGraphXmlSerializer class. 2016-09-27 First released version.


MathematicsModularFramework is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.