Oracle Permission Generator

Tutorial Part 12 - Saving in a Source Repository

The changes to the XYZ Online data model which are now configured in Oracle Permission Generator should be saved to an XML data file. The file can be saved using the Save or Save As command from the File menu.

These changes should be saved to a different XML data file, to the file created initially. By doing this, the correct state of the objects in the data model at any point in time can be recalled, and scripts to represent the transition to that state can be created. For example, the initial data model could be saved to a file called 'XYZ Online ver 1.xml'. Then the changes could be saved to another file called 'XYZ Online ver 2.xml'. If both files are stored in a source code repository, the files can be loaded into Oracle Permission Generator, and scripts to upgrade the database schema to a specific version of the data model can always be generated.

By following this procedure, a complete set of the current objects and their permissions is maintained for every iteration of the data model.

A data file containing the changes to the data model performed in this tutorial ('Tutorial 2.xml') can be found in the Oracle Permission Generator installation folder.


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