Oracle Permission Generator

Tutorial Part 6 - Setting Permissions

Next, permissions for each object and role must be set. Permissions for roles in the XYZ Online database should be set according to the following table...

Name Description
XZYON_APP_ROLE Used by the order management application to log into the database. Has access to all stored procedures and views, to manipulate and read from the database. Also has read and write access to the APPLICATION_STATS table to log statistics.
XZYON_READ_ROLE Used by users and applications which create reports from the database. Has read only access to all tables and views.
XZYON_POWER_ROLE Used by database administrators to perform administrative operations on the database. Is able to read from any table or view, and execute any stored procedure, but does not allow direct writing to tables.

The permissions can be set from the main window. After setting all the permissions, the main window should look like this...

Tutorial 6

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