Oracle Permission Generator

Tutorial Part 9 - Supporting a Software Development Lifecycle

Oracle Permission Generator can integrate with a database software development lifecycle, and produce iterative permission scripts as the database schema evolves. This part of the tutorial will explain how Oracle Permission Generator can be used to support changes to the XYZ Online database schema.

Changes to the Sample Schema
After being 'live' for some time, some enhancements and changes are made to the XYZ Online data model. A new table ORDER_STATUSES is added to the data model, along with a corresponding view and stored procedures. Additionally the APPLICATION_STATS table is removed from the data model. The ER diagram below shows the tables and views in the schema after the changes...

Schema Version 2

Details of the changes to the schema are described below...

Name Type Change Description
ORDER_STATUSES Table Add Stores changes in the status of an order
VW_ORDER_STATUSES View Add A de-normalised view of the data in table ORDER_STATUSES
SP_ORDER_STATUSES_INS Stored Procedure Add Handles inserting data into the ORDER_STATUSES table
SP_ORDER_STATUSES_DEL Stored Procedure Add Handles updating data in the ORDER_STATUSES table
APPLICATION_STATS Table Remove Removed from the data model

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